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      Boundaries for the Holidays

      November 16 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm$60
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      Boundaries for the holidays workshop

      Boundaries for the Holidays

      Saturday, November 16th from 9am - 1:00pm

      Holidays causing you stress? Dreading the drama that may be headed your way? Are you nervous about upcoming family gatherings? Are you feeling drained by it all? Are you asking yourself, “What should I take to the family dinner? A casserole or a helmet?”

      If so, this morning class is for you!

      Boundaries for the Holidays is designed to help “black sheep”, people-pleasers, codependents, empaths and anyone who would like to cultivate more peace, self-confidence, and empowerment during the holidays. You will learn how to apply healthy boundaries, be truly present, raise our vibrational energy and be our most empowered selves in the face of holiday adversity.

      Through a combination of lessons, group discussions, guided meditations, confidence-building exercises, and self-soothing techniques, we learn:

      • Navigating confrontations in a healthy, authentic way without guilt or anxiety
      • Saying NO beneath the mistletoe
      • Identifying codependent, people-pleasing red flags in ourselves
      • Identifying and managing manipulators, boundary violators and Scrooges
      • Making your Exit when you’re ready
      • Living with more acceptance, forgiveness and less resistance
      • Raising our vibrational energy to attract better Everything
      • The Art of Being Present (while you’re opening presents)

      Students will take home handouts and/or reading materials. This workshop is packed with information so please bring a notebook. Feel free to wear comfortable clothing and bring a cushion, pillow or blanket.

      COST: $60.00
      A calming tea ceremony is included.

      Maggie San Miguel

      Maggie San Miguel, author of Dressing a Tiger and founder of Bald Mama – a nonprofit for cancer patients in Texas, is a workshop leader and boundary coach, specializing in narcissistic abuse and boundary fortification. She has been a meditation teacher since 1999 and a certified past life regression therapist since 2012. She has appeared on the PBS series, Strange Town Austin, as an expert psychic medium for paranormal investigation and assisted law enforcement in a murder investigation in Texas.


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      Boundaries for the holidays$60.00
      • Date: November 16
      • Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
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