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      Earth Day Sound Experience with Singing Bowls

      April 22, 2016 @ 7:30 pm - 8:45 pm$17.00
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      Come Celebrate EARTH DAY with
      Sandee Convoy, “The Singing Bowl Lady!”

      Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are mesmerizingly played, creating a unique sonic experience that not only is heard with the ears but also felt within the body … a 45 minute immersion into the vibration and tones of crystal singing bowls.

      Bowls quickly and effectively bring you into a relaxed awareness, transporting you to a place of no thought … of a quiet so real you can’t believe you have touched it.  And that’s just one of the things they can do.  Some say they reduce pain and help balance emotional issues such as depression, fatigue, anger, loneliness, and fear. Others come to relax, enjoy, and de-stress.  Many use bowls as a backdrop for meditation, and some just come and ‘sit’ with a question or concern.

      “Music without words means leaving behind the mind … and leaving behind the mind is meditation.  Meditation returns you to the source … and the source of all is sound.”
      – Kabir

      But no matter your personal purpose, a Bowl session provides a feeling of deep relaxation, peace, and a connectedness beyond your ‘normal’ waking consciousness.  I offer a sonic tapestry for you to weave your own unique experience.  So come … take a ‘time out’ from ‘out there’ … relax into the edgeless energy of you …
      BE BOWLED.

      Singing Bowls entered Sandee Conroy’s life in 2001.  Through personal study and Time, she has developed a powerful method of sound meditation.   Sandee has two CDs – The Art of Balance; and The Portal.  In addition to monthly group sessions in Austin, Spicewood, San Marcos & San Antonio, Sandee conducts workshops, and has shared the stage with various artists, including Grammy winner Jeffrey Barnes.  Her venues have included the United Nations Church Center, Yankee Stadium Legends Club, 35 Denton Music Festival, Steeplechase Cancer Center, Rutgers University, as well as various regional Hospitals, Health, Yoga and Religious Centers.


      Earth Day Sound Experience with Singing Bowl Lady

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