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Funeral Master Class

May 23, 2016 @ 10:00 am - 4:59 pm$175.00
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Funeral Celebrant Class

Usually a Funeral or memorial ceremony is held to mark the end of a life and to honour the person. The role of the Funeral Celebrant is pivotal, complex and rewarding.  Anyone can step up to be a Celebrant, although it is a role that not everyone is capable of, can or wants to fulfil.

As a Celebrant you are there to assist the dying and the bereaved, to guide them with options to consider, so they can make the best and most appropriate choices for them.  Creating together a meaningful experience and ceremony that supports everyone and takes them through an often challenging time in a way that can lead to a healthier and easier bereavement.

The Funeral Master Class is a 1 or 2 day intensive exploration of ceremony as a profound journey of transformation for those left behind.  The Funeral is a rite of passage that acknowledges the death, however difficult, celebrates a life, honours the dead, and comforts the living.  Exploring the obvious components of ceremony,  grounded in an understanding of trauma responses and also the more subtle layers that are often at play but are not so evident.

The FMC covers more complex or challenging deaths, and also delves into more intense situations for a celebrant, amongst the types of death we will explore:

  • sudden and unexpected death
  • babies and children
  • teenagers
  • when someone ends their own life
  • when there is no body
  • when someone has been killed or murdered
  • multiple deaths
  • community and other ceremonies.

Consultation, preparation, set up, working as part of a team, ceremony crafting, disposal, and after.

Open to anyone, but best suited to experienced Celebrants or people who have attended the Deathwalker Training.
For your own personal use, a family member or friend, to increase existing skills or if you feel you have a calling to this work.

Zenith Virago is an acknowledged leader in Rites of Passage and Ceremony work, and in encouraging and empowering people to have the best possible experience they can. 

As a professional Deathwalker, Celebrant, and educator for over 20 years, she brings presence, integrity, experience and wisdom. The NDCC is a registered charity and works for education, authenticity and empowerment in death, dying, ceremony and  loss.


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