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      Gay Men’s Boundary Bootcamp

      September 28 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm$60.00
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      Saying NO without Guilt

      Saturday, September 28th from 10 - 2pm

      This intensive workshop is designed to help people-pleasers, codependents, empaths and anyone who would like to cultivate more self-confidence, healing and empowerment. This bootcamp teaches us how to apply healthy boundaries, be truly present, raise our vibrational energy and nurture self-awareness through the cultivation of self-love.

      We have designed this workshop exclusively for gay men and their particular challenges and issues. Our mission is to provide the tools needed to heal in a world that’s not always conducive to healing in a safe, supportive environment.

      Through a combination of lessons, group discussions, guided meditations, confidence-building exercises and self-soothing techniques, we learn:

      • Navigating confrontations in a healthy, authentic way without guilt or anxiety
      • Identifying codependent, people-pleasing red flags in ourselves
      • Identifying and managing manipulators and boundary violators
        Reading body language
      • Living with more acceptance, forgiveness and less resistance
      • Raising our vibrational energy to attract better Everything
      • Connection between our physical bodies & its emotional messages
      • Embracing the word, No.
      • The Art of Being Present

      This workshop is for all levels of meditation experience. Students will take home handouts and/or reading materials. This workshop is packed with information so please bring a notebook.

      Feel free to wear comfortable clothing and bring a cushion, pillow or blanket.
      A calming tea ceremony is included. *** SPACE IS LIMITED ***

      Maggie San Miguel

      Maggie San Miguel, author of Dressing a Tiger and founder of Bald Mama – a nonprofit for cancer patients in Texas, is a workshop leader and boundary coach, specializing in narcissistic abuse and boundary fortification. She has been a meditation teacher since 1999 and a certified past life regression therapist since 2012. She has appeared on the PBS series, Strange Town Austin, as an expert psychic medium for paranormal investigation and assisted law enforcement in a murder investigation in Texas.

      Scott Wiley

      Scott Wiley – Scott is an occupational therapist, a Missouri native, and healing workshop instructor.


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      Gay Men’s Boundary Bootcamp$60.00
      • Date: September 28
      • Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
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