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Healing in Numbers

October 13, 2018 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm$159.00
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Healing in Numbers

Crack Your Healing Codes
with Amanda Rieger Green

Saturday, October 13th
9am – 5pm

Join Amanda for an exploration into numerology. Over the course of the retreat, we will explore the vibrational characteristics of numbers, your personal numerology and the universal energies. Understanding how these energies can work in tandem or create disharmonious environments and relationships, will offer you tools to recognize opportunity for personal transformation and soul-level healing. Crack your healing codes and shift your life into a higher state of being.

We Will:
– Explore numerology basics (numbers 0-9)
– Decode your personal numerology
– Decipher your number code and how it interacts with the energy of the day, month and year
– Learn how to tap into and capitalize on specific dates, (days, months & years) in order to align with your highest calling and manifest a life of abundance, love and health.
– Tap into Master Numbers and learn how to utilize them to manifest more rapidly

Join Amanda for a day retreat into nature and numbers where we will heal though:
– Yoga (all levels welcome)
– Guided Visualization & Meditation
– Breath & Energy Exercises
– Group practices
– Journaling
– High Vibe Plant Based Meal & Snacks

Investment: $175
** Early Bird Special ** through October 1st: $159

Note From Amanda:
“Numbers continually revolutionize my life on a personal and soul level! I have evolved through my interactions with the frequencies of numbers and learning how to translate numbers codes in my personal life and that of my clients. When you understand how you vibrate and can tune into your own frequency, or as I call it, your “personal radio station,” you tap into something functional, tangible and cosmic. Join me as we tune the dial to your radio station and turn your volume up!”

High Vibes,

Learn More About Amanda Rieger Green:

amanda-Rieger-Green dharma ranchAmanda Rieger Green

Amanda Rieger Green is a psychic medium, healer, yogi and personal strategist. Her life purpose is to wake people up and introduce them to their unique, innate abilities. She creatively uses her strategic business acumen combined with her gifts as a psychic medium and numerologist to get people unstuck and aligned with their highest purpose. Additionally, she incorporates her experiences of growing through pain, trauma, addiction, and depression as tools to assist clients in empowering their heling journey, tapping into their innate gifts, and aligning with their soul mission. 
She is the founder of Soul Pathology, a life practice designed to reconnect our human and spirit selves, heal soul-defragmentation and illuminate our soul path. She also is a co-founder of Wise Skies Advice, an astrology and numerology community, offering tools, resources and products to tap assist you in tapping into the magic of good timing and harnessing the abundance of the universe.


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