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Reiki Training Level 2 with Dr. Puri

October 16, 2016 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Reiki Training Level 2 with Dr. Urvashi Puri

A 1-day course introducing students to Reiki’s universal presence – we will feel the presence of Reiki within and around us. We will be examining the mystical side of Reiki and how it unlocks the powers of the mind. Information is presented in a logical and practical way, and we will explore how Reiki relates to each of us personally.

Students will learn about the Reiki symbols and explore their meanings. We will be introducing Reiki practical exercises in order to utilise these during treatments as well as our daily lives.

At the end of the course students will be able to give ‘Distance Healing’, ‘Heal the Past’, and utilise Reiki in a more effective and efficient manner. The style of teaching is informal and interactive, with an emphasis on the application of Reiki in real life situations.

The course will cover:

• Revision of Reiki 1
• Reiki Level 2 consists of 3 initiations:
• Learning and practising the Reiki Symbols
• Using the symbols for self-treatment
• Using the symbols when treating others
• Chakra balancing
• Practicing Distance Healing in different situations: in our current personal lives and also for the past
• Tips on starting a Reiki practice

As part of the course, you will receive:

• Detailed course manual
• Printed Reiki Symbol
• Certification

Course sizes are limited to 12 people. Drinks will be provided, please bring along some food to share.

Suggested Donation : $150-$200. Please enter amount below to register. Thanks!

Reiki Master Dr. Puri

Reiki Master Dr. Puri

We are super excited to have Dr. Puri visit us all the way from India!

Dr. Urvashi Puri after working as a Dietetian with Birla Hospitals in Madhya Pradesh in India, moved to Delhi, where she currently lives with her husband and three children.

When Urvashi suffered cardiac- arrest, she had to make a conscientious effort using these tools to recuperate. She took her initiation in Reiki and started healing herself by integrating the practice into her daily routine. In 1999, after receiving her Reiki Master’s training, she began work as a healer and started teaching Reiki, too. She used yoga for herself to physically move life force in her body and then went on to train as a teacher at the Shivananda School of Yoga, in Neyyar Dam, Kerala.

Reiki is a means to get strength to take responsibility
for your own pain, sorrow & hurt.
To get rid of Fear, resentment and anger.

As a Yoga Shiromani (Teacher) and a Reiki Master, Urvashi has just attained M.D.A.M (Doctorate of Alternative Medicine) Certificate of Registration from Indian Board of Alternative Medicine,Calcutta.She enjoys sharing her experience of healing oneself through these powerful practices. She finds that the right attitude, consistent practice, taking care of the body alignment and using the right muscles with full awareness helps one to find the fine balance between body, mind and soul.



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