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      Women’s Taoist Wellness Retreat

      November 17, 2019 @ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
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      Women's Taoist Wellness Retreat

      Sunday, November 17th from 9:30 - 5:30pm

      Join us for a day-long retreat where you’ll discover how these ancient practices can help:

      • Balance your hormones – helping to naturally relieve PMS, menopause, and symptoms of imbalance
      • Promote health and vitality
      • Strengthen your pelvic floor (relieving symptoms like incontinence)
      •  Enhance your libido and increase sexual pleasure
      • Release trauma and emotional blocks
      • Regulate your mood so you feel happier, healthier, and energized!

      Taoism is a practice originating in China and is the foundation of Chinese philosophy and medicine. The Taoist tradition embraces the use of life energy or chi and uses it as a force for healing and spiritual growth. The sexual practice of Taoism – called Healing Love – is an essential part of this system and incorporates techniques to balance the body and increase and refine one’s vital energy. In this retreat you’ll learn the basics of this practice and how you can direct and refine your sexual energy so that you can benefit from its gifts.

      At this women-only workshop in a beautiful, private yurt, you’ll:

      • Learn a daily routine for optimal health
      • Learn about Jade Egg exercises that you can do with or without a Jade Egg (available for optional purchase)
      • Experience a relaxing day in nature with a small group of like-minded women
      • Enjoy a magical, healing stroll through a forest of cedar trees
      • Take some time for introspection in an optional Labyrinth walk (weather permitting)

      Lunch and refreshments are included (diet restriction friendly – just let us know ahead of time!)

      COST: 100.00 for retreat
      OPTION: $165 includes a Nephrite Jade Egg

      To purchase your ticket and RSVP for the retreat (space is limited) Visit Women’s Taoist Wellness Retreat

      Leah Love

      I became a Tantra teacher in 2006 and I have created my own style of Tantra that I call Rose Tantra.  Through the practices of Tantra and Taoism I’ve been a women’s sacred sexuality teacher helping women discover and embody their own power.  My teachings include body love and acceptance and healing old wounds that get stuck in the body and cause energy blocks and dis-ease.

      Think of me as the instruction manual that our bodies did not come with.

      I will teach you the magic that lies within YOU that is your path to acceptance, love, and pleasure—your birthright!!!

      • Date: November 17, 2019
      • Time: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
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      Dharma Ranch
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