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      Our weekend in San Marcos was rainy (and busy!!) but we felt so cozy and content at Dharma Ranch. There are countless charming and quirky details all around that made us feel welcomed, and right at home. Susan and Kelli were extremely accommodating to us; they were always in touch when we needed them before and during the trip, but gave us ample privacy during our stay.

      They provided us with everything we could have needed, so we indulged in coffee, movies, the best naps under the comfiest blankets, and of course some restorative yoga out in the yurt, too! Truly, it was the perfect escape from the bustle of San Marcos. I started the weekend off full of stress — we left town later than we hoped because I was locked out of my home, hit rush hour traffic, and upon arrival, I realized I forgot my hanging clothes at my house — BUT the energy here calmed and soothed my nerves immediately. After spending just a few hours unplugged from my phone and emerged in this space, it was enough to recenter me on what I was in San Marcos to do — joyfully celebrate dear friends’ birthdays and graduations.

      Thank you, Kelli and Susan for opening your home to us! Many times throughout our stay, we looked at each other and sighed “I *really* like this place.” We cannot wait to return!

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