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      The experience here is even more amazing than the description and photos portray. Everything is as described, and then some. If you’re looking to find your center, or rediscover it, then look no farther than Dharma Ranch. No area hotel can match this peaceful, beautiful setting… no matter how many stars. Stars? Dharma Ranch boasts about a billion of them that you can take in from the scenic deck… so a 5-star rating would be a bit of an understatement for this place, to the last detail. We’ll give our hosts 5 stars, to be sure. Our stay was a bit of a rush on our end, though even with that, our rush was so easily left at the entrance gate. We have children who will be attending nearby Texas State University – a mere ten-minute drive. Rest assured, we will be staying here again… and again. Rest assured? It sure is at this place. 5 stars… give or take a billion.

      ~ Todd

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