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      The Yurt

      The Yurt Story

      We found a yurt for sale by a woman in New Mexico, who for various reasons, wasn’t able to build it and had kept it for 3 years in a horse barn unopened. The yurt was technically new but sold at a used price. Susan and I traveled to N.M. and somehow managed to get a 3,500 pound yurt home on a rented trailer without brakes, being pulled by an under-powered Toyota Tacoma. In all seriousness, it was a very hairy experience complete with new grey hairs!

      The circular platform/floor took our dear friend Ty 2-3 weeks to build and our awesome community of friends 2 days to erect. We literally had a “yurt raising” party and during the process heavy rain fell on our exposed cork flooring. People brought fans, towels and came in shifts to mop up the water which saved our expensive floors. The experience was a lot of hard work and fun and we are forever grateful to our “hood.”

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