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October 2019

Gentle Therapeutic Yoga Class

Gentle Therapeutic Yoga Every Wednesday Morning 9-10am All classes begin with yoga techniques to draw attention inward and focus the mind on the breath and the body. Time is then spent systematically warming up muscles and joints. Yoga asanas (postures) are chosen to meet the needs of the students with a focus on proper alignment for the individual's normal range of motion. Once proper alignment is demonstrated, the class is led through a series of poses that flow one from read more

Guided Meditation Practice Group

Guided Meditation Practice This weekly gathering will include mindfulness meditation instruction with a guided sitting practice and walking meditation. A brief talk and/or group discussion on the Buddha’s teachings followed by a time to share your experience or ask questions. This class is open to all levels and especially helpful if you are new to meditation. Even though this meditation practice has it’s roots in Buddhism, the only requirement is an open mind and the ability to breathe! We always read more

Awakening A Noble Heart – The Path and Practice of Compassion

Awakening A Noble Heart: The Path and Practice of CompassionSaturday, October 19th, 2019 10am — 5pm Join us as we explore how we can keep our hearts open amidst the personal and global challenges we encounter in our everyday lives. We will open our hearts through the practice of Tonglen meditation, an ancient Buddhist practice that awakens compassion by acknowledging and embracing pain and discomfort, while inviting the armor that separates us from one another to dissolve. Together, we will read more

November 2019

Healing Narcissistic Abuse

Healing Narcissistic AbuseSaturday and Sunday, November 2nd and 3rd from 9 - 1:30pm Anyone with long-term exposure to a narcissist can experience trauma, PTSD, depression and severely damaged self-esteem. As a result, we (people-pleasers, codependents, empaths – the preferred prey of narcissists) become confrontation-avoidant, untrusting of ourselves and our instincts. We stifle our voices, overcommit, suffer from feeling emotionally toyed-with, allow our boundaries to collapse and can eventually lose ourselves entirely. In order to heal, we must fully understand this read more

Boundaries for the Holidays

Boundaries for the HolidaysSaturday, November 16th from 9am - 1:00pm Holidays causing you stress? Dreading the drama that may be headed your way? Are you nervous about upcoming family gatherings? Are you feeling drained by it all? Are you asking yourself, “What should I take to the family dinner? A casserole or a helmet?” If so, this morning class is for you! Boundaries for the Holidays is designed to help “black sheep”, people-pleasers, codependents, empaths and anyone who would like read more

Sound Bath with Singing Bowls

Singing Bowl Sound Bath Join us every other month for a powerful quartz crystal sound bath with the Singing Bowl Lady in our beautiful, 700 sq. ft. (30 ft. round) YURT at Dharma Ranch in San Marcos! There is just nothing quite like it!! Relax, ReBalance, ReCharge & ReFocus in this one of a kind Sound Experience. Dive deep into the therapeutic tones as they quickly transport you into a deep, relaxed meditative state. Feel the stress and anxiety of read more

Women’s Taoist Wellness Retreat

Women's Taoist Wellness RetreatSunday, November 17th from 9:30 - 5:30pm Join us for a day-long retreat where you'll discover how these ancient practices can help: Balance your hormones - helping to naturally relieve PMS, menopause, and symptoms of imbalance Promote health and vitality Strengthen your pelvic floor (relieving symptoms like incontinence)  Enhance your libido and increase sexual pleasure Release trauma and emotional blocks Regulate your mood so you feel happier, healthier, and energized! Taoism is a practice originating in China read more

December 2019

Healing through Self-Love

Healing through Self-LoveSaturday, December 7th from 9am - 1:30pm When we stop listening to our internal voice, we have given our power away to external forces and have disconnected from Universal Energy. This workshop teaches us how to reconnect to that energy, to honor ourselves and regain trust in our decision-making and our instincts. Challenges such as illness, trauma and depression can be transformed if approached from a place of non-resistance and self-love. This intensive (but gentle) workshop is designed read more