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      October 2020

      Mindfulness Meditation Practice

      Mindfulness Meditation Practice GroupEvery Thursday from 6:30-8pm Mindfulness meditation is the intentional practice of paying attention on purpose, deeply, and without judgment to whatever arises in the present moment, both inward and outward, with an open-hearted and friendly quality. Mindful awareness can be cultivated through practices like sitting or walking meditation, using a body scan and mindful movement such as Hatha yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong. These practices help us connect to the aliveness in our body, which is always read more

      November 2020

      Herbs for the Chakras – The Root Chakra

      Herbs for the Chakras: The Root ChakraSaturday, November 7th from 11:30 - 12:30pmHerbalist Ginger Webb will be at Dharma Ranch for her Herbs & the Chakras series. Join us for the first class in the series! This hour class will focus on the root chakra (muladhara). Ginger uses the chakra system to help us form a deeper understanding and connection to herbs and how they can affect our bodies in a positive way. In Person Cost $25 Virtual Coat $17 TO REGISTER: iiiofpentacles Ginger read more

      Singing Bowl Sound Bath

      Sound Bath with Singing BowlsSaturday, November 7th from 7 - 8pm *NEW TIME*Join us for a powerful quartz crystal sound bath with the famous Singing Bowl Lady in our beautiful, 700 sq. ft. (30 ft. round) YURT at Dharma Ranch in San Marcos! This sonic bath will energize your life force, calm your mind, & massage every cell in your body -- allowing access to a deep, relaxing, meditative experience... relax every cell in your body... attain deep meditative states... read more
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